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ezgo restoration project
Author: GradyGuy
Date: January 24, 2021
Ezgo Restoration Project

Golf cart restorations have recently become quite popular. People restore golf carts for fun, because they live in a gated community or an area where they can actually travel by golf cart, or for their actual intended purpose – golfing. If you’re interested in restoring a cart, here are seven steps to consider.


  1. Establish your budget and find a golf cart. Even very old carts that look to be in bad shape can be restored with a limited amount of effort, though you may have to replace some parts, like the battery, tires, or canopy.

  2. Check the battery and ensure that it has enough fluid. When you have the fluids leveled off, plug the battery in to charge. If the battery is very old, it’s probably best to replace it. This should be a consideration when you plan your budget.

  3. Tires are the next item on your restoration list. Check each golf cart tire for any signs of dry rot, damage, or improper inflation. If your golf cart is very old or poorly maintained, you may need to replace the tires. This will ensure the safety of your golf cart, as well as your ability to enjoy it. You don’t want to have to stop to fix blown tires when you’re heading out on the course.

  4. Wash your golf cart to remove dust, peeling paint, and debris. If the paint is intact, you may want to just sand it lightly so you can use paper and tape to mask off and paint using spray paint. If the paint is not intact, you’ll need to do a more thorough sanding and painting, and possibly rent a paint gun to ensure a smooth finish.

  5. f your cart has a canopy and you elect to keep it, it will need to be considered when you plan your budget. Assuming you want a canopy, inspect the canopy for dry rot, holes, and other damage. While it may be possible to repair a canopy yourself, it may be less expensive and/or less challenging to just replace it if there is extensive damage.

  6. When the cart is completely dry, wash it again, ensure that the tires are inflated to the proper level according to the owner’s manual, and install the battery. Install the canopy or valance.

  7. Enjoy your newly restored golf cart!


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