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Author: GradyGuy
Date: February 6, 2021
Cowbell gets a medical exam

Well, here you are. Here WE are. My first ‘real’ post, and you were here to see it.

Almost 8am, and I am sitting in my shop, coffee not in hand yet as, well…I have to go to the house and get said coffee, and I am typing. The two are cannot co-exist, so…here we are.

I have the 2019 movie Pearl Harbor on the 2nd screen and am awaiting a man from King and Associates to come by from Seguin, TX and look over Cowbell to see what all fiberglass work I need/would like to have done and then tell me how hard it will hurt, heh..

Finding someone to help work on Cowbell…What? Who is Cowbell?

Let me show you a youtube clip. Sorry, I do not control the video so, it may have an ad first .. heh.. but, watch this:

Now, you’ve watched that clip… you laughed a bit… so, my kids love to fish, and I love to fish, and I love them (don’t tell them… it is like blood in the water.. lol)…and so, rather than buying a boat that fits ME….we decided that Momma…. who does not care to fish, but cares to be with us…we want her to be comfortable. To that end, we got “Cowbell”, our 2004 Grady White Islander 270.

Dad had “his list of needs” and so we needed a specific boat, and, just as important, it had to be affordable.. heh.. that meant “used”, which is synonymous with “it’s going to need HELP”.. lol, and that it did.

We purchased Cowbell in March of 2019. Her first REAL voyage was January 2021. You do the math. So, this boat had a Bimini top and radar arch. I needed real shade, and real electronics, whatever it took to keep my family safe, really safe. So, we added a hard top and we were VERY lucky to get it an actual OEM top from the people that made the original. Took 5 months to come to us, and we installed it, radar, new electronics like VHF etc. Still, she would not hit the water without an alarm. We had more work.

Now, the previous owner, very wonderful man. I cannot say enough about how hard he tried to work with me and ensure I got a working and solid boat. That being said, he was NOT a mechanic and, it would appear, the person(s) he paid… were not either… heh. At one point, I found the fuel filter upsides down inside the casing on one engine. We began the journey of replace and try, replace and try again, over and over heh. If it wasn’t the boat, it was a broken trailer. Trailer? both axles, actuator, entire wiring harness, jack stand….

So, I was explaining the name.

Nathaniel and Charley and Suz and I were trying to figure out a name….and we decided on “Cowbell”…because, “We got a fever! And the only prescription…is more Cowbell!”…and it stuck.

So, here we are…and here she is.. ready to catch fish, and while the type of fish Nate caught on the first real run not keepers.. lol.. (Bermuda Chum)… we went out 55-ish miles and she runs well.

So, the “Doctor” is on the way to figure a plan to help us bring her back to “showroom quality”… because this Navy man knows.. if her hull is good…if her engines are sound… she is safe, and being safe, is what it is ALL about.

Nate and Charley and Suz and I ..welcome you to our journey.


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